DAB built it’s reputation by using the highest quality wood, ethically obtained from sustainable sources. It is then protected with natural wax, supplied to us from a world-leading brand. The wax is carefully massaged into the surface of the wood, to provide a deep-grain finish, which will maximise durability.

Every piece of furniture we make is bespoke and tailored to suit your needs, meaning each item is handcrafted to order. Our custom-built approach will ensure that the furniture you choose is perfect for your home. Feel free to provide your own specific measurements, our team will be more than happy to help.

Our new, elite range of solidly built furniture is made using the finest and healthiest timber and is designed to add style and practicality to your home.

Each piece of furniture is packed with natural charm and character. You will see knots, splits and worn edges, demonstrating the authentic and rustic nature of the materials used to create our beautiful pieces.

Our premium furniture is hand-made by expert craftsmen, using decades of skill and expertise developed from building beautiful furniture and creating timeless Interiors.